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Strategic Plan

Strategic & Operational Plan 2009-13

The Strategic Plan (SP) of NGO Federation of Nepalese Indigenous Nationalities (NGO-FONIN) has been prepared with the aim to guide the federation towards achieving its mission. This plan has three main parts as:

  1. Strategic Framework, B) Operational plan, and C) Institutional Development Plan.
    A. Strategic Framework: includes situational analysis, national and international legal provisions, challenges, rational, history behind starting the NGO Federation of Nepalese Indigenous Nationalities (NGO-FONIN), what the organization has done to date, and where the strategic direction lies in moving forward
  2. Operational Plan: where key outputs have been identified as areas needing the most work and attention, and detail on how these activities are to be addressed. Two addendums follow the main parts of this plan: The Logical Framework used to develop this plan and The Total 5-year Budget Plan that is a detailed breakdown of financial needs for each output listed in the Operational Plan.
  3. Institutional Development Plan: includes information on how NGO-FONIN will develop policies and procedures, as well as how we plan to build capacity into the organization.
  4. Annual Work Plan and Budget 2066/67 (2009/10): Discussions are ongoing with National Indigenous Women’s Federation (NIWF) to explore the possibility of implementing, through this organisation, activities under some of the Outputs related to gender and indigenous women planned in this StOP.

Please Download Detail Plans from links below.
Introduction (Strategic Plans)
Organizational Structure