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Our Objectives

To ensure the rights of the indigenous peoples and to bring them into the mainstream, of development. Federation will take the following strategies

  • The Federation will make collective efforts by establishing network with organisations concerned with mainstreaming of indigenous peoples, ensuring their rights and participation in the overall development process.
  • Help marginalised indigenous peoples for their participation in development process by organising and sensitising them.
  • Help indigenous peoples,organisations and NGOs develop and through their skills help marginalised groups at grass-root level in their development.
  • Help indigenous communities get their living standard improved by developing their knowledge, skills and attitude.
  • Help indigenous communities get their knowledge and skills developed, their thoughts and behaviour changed so as to improve their living standard.
  • Promotion and protection of bio-diversity, agro-biodiversity, bio-cultural knowledge, sacred places and natural resources related to the development of indigenous peoples.
  • Advocacy, alliances and lobbying will be mounted to pressurise government authorities to become accountable for the establishment of rights and proportional participation of the marginalized indigenous peoples in the development process.
  • Get activities planned and implemented with the marginalized groups for sustainable proportional development of the indigenous peoples.