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Financial Management and Good governance Training Conducted

Refreshing Training for Capacity Building on Financial Management and Good governance:  A finance training was conducted at national level on 09 & 10 May 2014. The training was focused on the financial management system of office. The participants were from the AIPP's Nepal members' organizations - NEFIN, NIWF, YFIN and AIPP's program partner organizations of Nepal - LAHURNIP and FONIJ. Two participants were selected from each organization. Resource person was hired to the expert on related subject. The total participants were 19 persons, female were 10 persons And 9 persons were male.


The following courses were oriented in the training program.

  • Budget and budgeting, Bank Operation, Financial Reporting, Monitoring system from the perspective of finance.
  • Advance, financial Supporting Documents , Keeping Record of Income and Expenditure, Targeted and Achieved budget as per strategic plan, Donor Fund Status, Budget and Utilization (%),Fund Balance, Bank Accounts,  Financial capacity development Priorities, Problem and Challenges: Financial and Accounting Guideline, Necessary authorised, document of the organisation, Human resources Policies, Institutional good governance policies, Financial Administration, Advance Request Form, Expenses Claim Form, Policy of resource person remuneration, Government Taxes was trained.