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CEPA Program at National Level Conducted

Participants of National Level CEPA Program

One National Level CEPA Program was conducted on the topic of CBD, FPIC, ILO nom 169, UNDRIP, Natural resources, government policies, program, plan related with natural resources by resource person from Government Ministries related experts, IPs subject related experts and expert from related INGOs. The program was conducted at 04 to 06 May 2014 in Orchid Hotel Tripureshowr Kathmandu.

In the CEPA program there were 35 persons participants, 28 persons were female and 7 persons were male.  In the CEPA program, 5 resource persons were managed from the government, 5 from IPs experts and 2 from INGOs The CEPA program was conducted residentially three days in Kathmandu. The participants were from two districts belonging of Kulung and Tamang community and two each participants were from the member organization and program partner organization of AIPP.

Education materials were distributed to the participants about FPIC, Climate change educations. The education material on Climate Change were prepared by Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities (NEFIN) and the materials on ILO 169, CBD leaflet, Climate change leaflet, CEDAW, UNDRIP were distributed produced by NGO-FONIN.  Whereas the material on FPIC was produced by AIPP and translated by NEFIN accompanying the one produced by NGO-FONIN focusing to the AIPPNORAD specific project target communities need.